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Camella Trece is a wise investment for young families, overseas contract workers, expats and baby boomers that want to own their homes at affordable prices. This development offers many housing models to choose from and provide the Filipino people with affordable yet modern homes in a strategic location, keeping them close to the top places of interest in the Province of Cavite. Aside from being a wise investment in a strategic location, it is also designed and developed with top amenities and facilities that make it a convenient community to become a part of for everyone.

Camella Trece is a landmark in the location, serving as an iconic community that has modern design and theme.  It has a great value that gives everyone a great chance of maximizing the value of his or her investments. Camella is known for developing self-contained communities that has the needed features of the modern dweller.

The developer once again has proven its excellence when it comes to delivering the modern lifestyle amenities and facilities that you need within your reach. Camella Trece is a gated, master planned community located in Trece Martires City, Cavite that will transport you to a modern Mediterranean paradise, which is located just outside the city proper’s bustle.

Camella Trece is a lovely community that won’t fail to impress everyone. But aside from its aesthetics and design, it also has the functionality and affordability. Here, your family will enjoy the modern lifestyle amenities, which are designed in providing the homeowners with the modern comfort and conveniences.  

The 15-hectare development will let you enjoy your private living space along with the wide and open common areas for the great lifestyle waiting for you. It is the choice for homeowners that prefer suburban comforts and contemporary style.

Camella Trece has a basketball court that will let you enjoy your free time playing hoops with friends and neighbors.  Playing sports like basketball is a great way to burn calories and lose weight. It is also an excellent sport that will help you strengthen your heart and lungs. This social and interactive feature also promotes the camaraderie among neighbors and community members.

There is also a spacious playground in the community that keeps your kids entertained and active.  Playing outdoor games is a great way of enhancing their health as well. The morning breeze and sunlight will help them work a sweat while enjoying some bonding time with new friends in the neighborhood.  Playing different local games will also enhance their cultural awareness. Games like patintero and tumbang preso, among other Filipino games will promote values, including sportsmanship as well.

For those who want to stay active right on the premises, there is also a large fitness park, where the residents can enjoy exercises and different physical activities to improve their health and wellness.  There is also a pet park for your precious dogs and cats. Other cool features include gardens, multifunctional clubhouse and friendly green spaces.  It is a well-thought community that has the modern comforts and conveniences you need for cool living in Cavite.

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